June 2009

Hi folks!

I am sure plenty of you are excited about the school year coming to an end (while others fret about what to do with their children). While so many people promote summer reading clubs, I am turned off by programs that force people to read particular books. I have been working with a new webmaster on ways to improve this website (and begin sending out monthly emails with picks again), and one of the new features I will include will feature “Ten Great Books” lists for people of different interests (e.g., ten great books for…3rd grade boys, teenage girls, people who love sailboats). Translation: think about your interests, and send them in so I can develop lists to meet your particular needs.

My eclectic reading habits covered a wide range of topics again this past month. For some reason (maybe out of guilt), I decided to start reading and re-reading many of the Classics that were thrust upon me in high school (engaging my wrath). I have begun to rediscover the beauty of Shakespeare’s prose, the quirkiness of Faulkner and the difficulty of Joyce. Beyond my quick book selections, some of the longer works I enjoyed reading this past month include Wayne Dyer’s latest book Excuses Begone! (he is great for putting your mind at ease and refocusing your positive energies), Michael Connelly’s The Scarecrow (reading Connelly is like taking stock tips from Warren Buffett – your guaranteed time well-spent), Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge (I picked it out because it takes place in Maine and was treated to a wonderful story) and Muriel Barbery’s quirky The Elegance of the Hedgehog (I picked this one out for the title, and – as with most French novels – I came away scratching my head and wishing someone else would read this so they can explain it to me).

Anyhow, enjoy this month’s book selections below. I hope you are all reading some wonderful books. Make sure to tell me all about them. If you're an author or a publisher and would like to send me review copies of your book(s), please send them to the address listed for authors and publishers.

I hope you are reading some wonderful books. Make sure to tell me about them by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have a wonderful June, and enjoy your books!

Danny ;-)

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