September 2007

Hi folks!

I am so excited to be enjoying time with my family at our timeshare in Palm Springs for the Labor Day holiday. I get too many e-mails from folks on holidays and Sundays, and I want to remind everybody that it is pretty important to take at least one day off every week to spend time with your loved ones (I don’t care if it is Sunday or Saturday or Wednesday, don’t forget the important people in your life). I, for one, am enjoying the time relaxing and catching up on a bunch of books I have had on my desk.

Just finished Pat Conroy’s My Losing Season. He is such a gifted writer, and I always appreciate his kudos for teachers (if you have not read Conroy’s Prince of Tides, The Great Santini or The Water Is Wide, you are in for a treat). I have to admit a guilty pleasure, too: I just devoured the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records, which includes all sorts of useless information that I live for, like the world’s tallest man stands at eight feet, five inches in the Ukraine (by the way – this is a great book for boys who are reluctant readers). It is a little too long to include on a lazy readers’ list, but at just around 288 pages I would highly recommend you grab a copy of Jerry Spinelli’s Love, Stargirl. Let’s just say you can never go wrong with Jerry Spinelli, one of my favorite young adult authors (who all ages can enjoy). Finally, for the dorky crowd, I cannot say enough about Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho-Cybernetics. I have become addicted to brain research, and Maltz blends wonderful anecdotes with practical research that can produce magnificent results. I use many of his concepts in my presentations on motivation.

Anyhow, enjoy this month’s book selections below. I hope you are all reading some wonderful books. Make sure to tell me all about them. If you're an author or a publisher and would like to send me review copies of your book(s), please send them to the address listed for authors and publishers.

I hope you are reading some wonderful books. Make sure to tell me about them by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have a wonderful September, and enjoy your books!

Danny ;-)

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