January 2005

Hi folks!

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday breaks (however long they may have been). 

Enjoy the books. If you enjoy thrillers, I read a fantastic one by first-time author Andrew Lyons called Darkness in Him. I could not put it down, and I would put it on my list, were it not just a tad under 300 pages. I have been busy reviewing books and revising my own, so I have concentrated my free reading this month on kids’ titles by Chris Van Allsburg and Jon Scieszka, who are two of the greatest storytellers in today’s children’s literature. I also read a plethora of lame travel magazines on flights across the country over the holidays. 

Kudos and thanks to our web designer, Adam LeVrier, of Concepts and Images. He donates his time and energy to constantly improve the site, and he has added the coolest archive feature I’ve seen anywhere. If you are looking for a book (and I have recommended it), you can now search by a keyword or author’s last name. Cooler yet, if you cannot spell your key word, just type in what you know (e.g. if you are looking for a book by Mia Hamm, you can type “Ham” and it will show you all books with that letter strand in the title or author’s name, like “Green Eggs and HAM” by Dr. Seuss, “The Greatest: MuHAMmad Ali” by Walter Dean Myers and “Winners Never Quit” by Mia HAMm). You can also search by page count. Try it out; it’s cool (and call me a web geek)! 

We constantly want to improve the site and make it useful to you. You can help by filling out the survey at the top of our www.lazyreaders.com webpage. You can expect to soon see a listing of all award-winning books, as well as some other goodies we are working on because of your feedback. 

Remember, books and other items purchased from Amazon.com through links from the lazyreaders.com website will directly benefit BookEnds (www.bookends.org), a nonprofit organization devoted to increasing children’s access to books and community service awareness. All you have to do is visit our website, click on Amazon, and Amazon will donate up to 10 percent of your total purchase to BookEnds. Visitors to our site who have used this feature have already raised a lot of money for this wonderful cause. Keep it up!

If you want to be removed from this list, please just say so. I promise that I will never forward anything but my monthly book picks. That’s the honest truth – no mortgage rate ads or promises to help you lose 10 lbs. in three hours. I’ll just send book recommendations. If you know anybody who would like to be included on this list, ask them to register at our website link, http://lazyreaders.com/contact.html, to receive my monthly recommendations.

Please remember to read for fun and to read to your children, and e-mail me any short books that you’d like to have considered for our lists.

Have a wonderful January, and all the best!

Danny ;-)

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